The Digital Takeover

There is no denying the dominance of the internet in the current day. It has opened the door to a wealth of possibilities. It gives people the capacity to keep in touch with family and friends who live far away. Individuals can conveniently do their shopping and pay their bills from the comfort of their own home. And that’s without even touching upon the monumental business opportunities provided with high speed internet, including; video conference calls, in-flight wireless, and so on and so forth. 

Very few could have predicted the rapid and massive progression of the internet. Yet, this has been driven by cheaper electronics and improved network connectivity. Read on to discover how these two components are giving the internet the platform to drive further forward… 

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The integration of the internet with other digital platforms

Cheaper electronics and improved network connectivity has allowed for the interconnectivity of different platforms. Television and the internet is the most obvious example of this. You can now access your emails via the television or you can even download shows and watch them on their via your high speed internet connection. The internet now opens a wealth of possibility for other devices and it is likely that we will see it integrated with more gadgets as time goes on. Plus, you can link credit card processors and such like so people can shop online. Take a look at an online payment gateway available here for a better understanding.

In-flight Wi-Fi

Thanks to the improved network connectivity options airlines are now offer the possibility of accessing the internet mid-flight. Not only does this cure boredom, but it also gives business owners and employees the opportunity to work whilst travelling and thus efficiency is achieved. As this is a relatively new progression, airlines are constantly looking for new ways to improve connectivity speed and other internet possibilities. We can expect big changes over the coming years.

Internet packages to suit you specifically

There is now a wealth of different internet packages available thanks to cheaper electronics and improved connectivity. This means you can find one that is completely tailor made to suit you. You will be able to find internet that matches in with your budget, your level of usage, whereabouts you need to use the internet, what you use the internet for i.e. if you download a lot, and how many devices you want to integrate with the internet connection. The sheer quality of internet available is mind-blowing. The latest connection 5G Wi-Fi improves speed and reduces power consumption dramatically. 

Ability to access the internet whilst on the subway

Increased connectivity has meant that the internet is accessible on the subway. This showcases how the strength of connectivity is breaking through boundaries – quite literally. This is similar to the point regarding air travel. Who would have ever predicted that they would have been able to connect to the internet whilst in the sky or under the ground? Yet the sheer level of progression in network connectivity has allowed this to be the case. The journey to work on the subway no longer seems as bad when you have mobile broadband by your side. 

Cheap electronics have allowed internet progressions, such as interconnectivity, to be available to all, whilst improved network connectivity has opened the door to unimaginable possibilities, such as in-flight Wi-Fi. One can only imagine what’s in store for the world of the internet next.