The Various Types Of Marketing To Know About

Marketing is a broad spectrum of ideas and creativity that make your brand pop off the page or off the screen right into people’s hearts. It takes a lot of finesse and smarts to create a campaign of that nature, and a lot of people think it’s easy. Let it be known: it is not. There are aspects of a marketing campaign you may not know about, and here they are.

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Creative Marketing

What was that? Isn’t all marketing creative? Well, yes, but there’s more. Creative marketing covers the aspects of your brand that round it out and make it stand out, and that is called creative design. A creative design agency covers things like cross-media marketing, print and digital, graphics, design, and content creation. 

This aspect of the agency is the glue that keeps the voice and the product stuck together with creative creations that will get you noticed. In your next marketing meeting find out who these individuals are on your team and work more closely with them.

Invisible Marketing

It’s happening all around you, but you can’t see it. In the end, you feel it. That’s invisible marketing and it takes someone really creative and smart to get this kind of marketing launched into the atmosphere. Invisible marketing has three aspects: trigger, frame, and fuel.

You can see the effects of invisible marketing even if you cannot physically see it at work. 

Pressure Marketing

Does your campaign give consumers the time to think about it, or should they buy right away? That’s pressure marketing. What you are selling is only available for a limited time, or after a certain time, the prices are going to go up. Buy now before it’s too late! 

When you put the pressure on a consumer with a campaign that is flashy, a campaign that fuels you to take action, and then you only have a small window to buy, you know what happens? People spring into motion, take out their wallets and buy your product.