Tips For Creating An Office Space At Home

Putting together your own home office can be a really exciting thing. You’ve clearly gotten to a good point in your self-employed career, and now’s the time to rearrange your home to show for it. But finding a space to set up your desk and cabinets can be difficult – you’ve got a lot of furniture in the way! And that’s why we’ve collected together some tips to make the process easier on you; here are some little ways to make some big space within your home. 

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You Just Need a Corner

Corners are a very comfortable space to put a desk; they tuck the office space you’re creating out of the way, and they help to decrease the amount of negative space within the room. Wherever there is a spare corner in your home, kitchen or living room, fit a desk in there for a prime working space. 

Measure the dimensions of the corner before you invest in a desk and chair, buy a lamp to ensure it’s not too dark to work within the corner, and you may even need to get a socket extender, depending on how far away the plug is. 

Fit Shelves Above Your Desk

Your desk is going to be chest height, even if you operate a standing desk to help keep things ergonomic. As such, it’s a good idea to fit some shelves directly above your desk to give your office space a bit of dimension when it’s tucked away into the corner. 

It’ll also help put some storage back into the room, so your office won’t ‘spill out’ into your domestic life. All you really need are some spare planks of wood, something to sand them down with, and a bracket or two to fit the shelves safely onto the wall. You won’t hit your head anytime you move, and it’ll be easy to see what you’re working with whenever you glance up. 

Keep it Minimal 

And finally, make sure your desk space is kept minimal and you don’t have too much to add to it. After all, you’re going to naturally accumulate office items like papers, binders, and post-it notes and you’ll want plenty of space to keep them! Indeed, you may have to look up how to feng shui your office desk at some point in the near future, but for now just keep things low key and tidy. 

To help with this, you can invest in some minimal items that will help to bring the space together. These can include a corkboard and a set of drawers that fit under the desk. These will help add a bit of storage, but won’t get in the way of a working routine. They also won’t impact the way your kitchen or living room looks any further! 

Clearing a space for your home office doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you’ve got a corner, and some room to fit a shelf or two, you’ll be just fine.