Tips For Promoting An Interior Design Business

It can be tough running a career, and especially a business, around a subject, discipline or practice that many people think they’re experts in already. This can be the case even in fields where the discipline itself seems so straightforward that clients hiring you to do a job automatically assume they know more than you anyway. This is tough for many freelance professionals especially. For instance, it’s common for companies to think that graphic design or copywriting is something they can commit to perfectly themselves, making it harder for the fully experienced professionals to lend their advice cleanly.

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This is also true for interior designers. Many people believe that they can decorate their home well without you, and perhaps they even can. The value you hold, however, is the ability to see a space and really design it as part of a worthwhile vision, unlocking the utility of the space as much as its aesthetic, working with light and shade to provide more visual space, and to ensure that the purposes of the room are met in every capacity. The best way to reach through and promote the relevance of your brand, then, is an essential component to spreading your message in a way that will be understood. In this guide, we plan to help you do exactly that:

Photography Is Your Friend

Interior design tends to be photogenic, which is why showcasing your portfolio as an interior designer can be an excellent choice. If possible, asking for pictures of homes you’ve designed to show up in your online profile could be a worthy approach, perhaps granting your clients a slight discount for the privilege. Fisheye lenses, editing and other optimizing efforts can help those spaces shine, further increasing your online standing.

Subtle, Worthwhile Advertising Efforts

It’s important to make sure your brand is promoted via targeted advertising, especially for those looking for home furnishings or those that may be questioning and even researching the utility of an interior designer. With Google Ads management, you can immediately be part of that wonder by offering a pre-made solution and a careful representation of your virtues ahead of time. This way, you can advertise with the strongest and most confident foot forward.

Craft Educational Content

Interior design firms are inherently consulting firms, and so it can be good to spread some of your insight as a means of gathering online content that gets you noticed and supplements your advertising. Perhaps you could release the top five new decorative trends for 2022 on your website blog, or release a YouTube video log discussing the benefits of stocking a wood-burner in your home vs. an artificial fireplace. This can potentially help you get your name out there, as well as secure you clients that may appreciate your content, coming through to your website organically. 

With this advice, we believe you’ll be able to more accurately promote your stunning interior design firm. Over time, this should net you clients, and allow you to become more recognized in your local field.