Tips For Taking Care Of Your Staff

If you know how to take care of your staff member, then they will take care of you, and more importantly, your business. If you own a business, then you are aware of the many pitfalls that surround it. But, you don’t have to take chances with your staff. There are many strategies for getting your staff onside and keeping them in the know of the business’s future. You are in control of the culture and ideals you want and need. So, you need to lead by example. Below are a few ways you can take care of your staff:

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Show you are Listening

It’s one thing to be approachable but to show that you are listening is something else entirely. If someone voices an issue with you, ensure that they can see you care making changes off the back of it. Maybe this isn’t always appropriate. If that is the case, you need to state your reasons why and ensure that you are understood. Communication is a two-way street and works best from a position of understanding.

Act Like an Equal

If you want open and honest communication and a positive and dynamic atmosphere, you need to be a team member. The best way to bounce ideas is for everyone to be included. Talk to everyone on a personal level and be friendly. Break down those barriers which some people may have to those in authority.

Learn Something Personal 

Have one to ones with all your team members and remember little things about them. This means you need to ask questions about their personal life. Are they married? Do they have children?

Work Place Benefits 

All great places to work have benefits. Make sure you have a competitive benefits package that includes things such as paid maternity and paternity pay, private healthcare, etc. 

Creature Comforts

Is your office space a nice place to work in? Is it a safe environment? Have a look around and be honest. Could your walls do with a lick of paint? How about a few plants which actually make staff healthier. Are the toilets nice? Think about free tea and coffee too. Sometimes all the little things add up to big things and make the difference between a happy employee and an unhappy employee.

Invest in Your Staff

Being an industry leader is not easy. You have to invest in your staff to make the most out of them. You can do this by upskilling and training them. Spending money on their development is a great way to make them feel you care about them.

Create a Culture that Embraces Fun

It doesn’t all have to be all about the daily grind. Mix things up a bit, give your staff something to look forward to. You could have a Bingo session one afternoon, or what about a game night. Encourage team get-togethers, yourself included. Take them out for a meal. All this will help the team gel.


Ensure you pay your staff what they are worth. Keep an eye on the going rate for each of your job roles and make sure you are on par if not exceeding. Also, if certain team members excel, perhaps performance related pay-rises could be on the cards.