Tips For Travelling Solo Through An Airport

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Travelling through an airport for the first time alone is a momentous thing. It is equally as exciting as it is scary. Although you might be thrilled for what’s ahead, it can feel daunting when you don’t have a companion to turn to when security queue is miles long or you flight is delayed. 

With the right tips and planning, these nerves can be sit on the backseat and you can feel calmer when travelling solo. 


After checking in your bags — or, walking straight to security if you only have cabin baggage — you will hit security. For some people, security can be stressful and tiresome, even when going through with a friend, partner, or your family. Going through alone can be much easier, quicker, and stress-free if you pre-purchase fast-track.

Most airports offer security fast-track for a small price. It means you can skip the queue and get straight into the best bits — duty free and food!

Pre-plan your cafe/restaurant of choice. 

Going on holiday often begins with a nice meal or snack at the airport. If you are content sitting and waiting without food, that’s fine. But, if you are someone who wants to fuel themselves before the flight, then pre-planning your food can be a good idea. 

It means you won’t have to umm and ahh when walking around the airport. Instead, you can go straight to your desired place and settle down. 

Pack a snack. 

Speaking of food, whether or not you are going to fuel yourself before the flight, it can be a good idea to pack a snack. You never know when you are going to get delayed or when fatigue/hunger might kick in. It is always safe to have a small something in your bag — nuts, chocolate, fruit, energy balls, or whatever you fancy. 

Pre-book your seat. 

Although many airlines offer free seat selection with your ticket, some do not. If the airline does not offer you a seat selection, it might help you feel more comfortable if you pay the small extra fee to choose your own seat. 

You will know exactly where you are heading when you get on the plane and you can choice your preferred seating position — window, middle, or aisle.

Take a distraction. 

If you are someone that easily feels nervous in busy places, then an airport might make you experience these emotions. To avoid the overwhelming sensation of a busy place, it can help to take a distraction. 

Take whatever is your best distraction — a book to read, a notepad to journal in, earphones to listen to a podcast, or a drawing pad. It will help you switch off and be in your own zone. 

Stay hydrated. 

Although you can buy water from the airport, sometimes it is more comforting to have your own water bottle to hand. It means you know you will always have water, even if you have to rush. Staying hydrated will help you feel hydrated, alert, and take proper care of your health during these times.

Plus, it can also be great for cost-savings so that you don’t need to purchase multiple bottles to stay hydrated. 

Whether you are travelling alone for the first time or not, these tips can help you feel more relaxed, prepared, and in control when you are travelling solo through an airport. 

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