Top 3 Worries When Re-Opening Your Business During A Pandemic

It’s approaching a point where lots of small business owners are gearing up to re-open their doors to the willing public. It’s both an exciting and scary time – you’re keen to re-open for obvious reasons, but there are some lingering fears in the back of your mind. This is all perfectly natural, and you’re certainly not alone. The best way to deal with your fears is by confronting them and finding solutions. So, here are the top three worries when re-opening your business during a pandemic:

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People will be too afraid to come

Naturally, there’s a fear that people will be too afraid to integrate back into society following the pandemic. Especially considering it still very much exists, and lots of people are extremely cautious. Nevertheless, you can kick this worry to the curb by taking extra precautions to make your business as safe as possible. Use a commercial cleaning service to regularly disinfect every surface on your premises, install signs and sanitizing stations, provide social distancing guidelines or restrictions on how many people can come in at once, etc. Taking these extra steps will make consumers feel more comfortable and confident in paying you a visit. 

Your customers will have forgotten about you

Again, a perfectly normal thing for you to worry about! If you have been closed for months, it’s only natural to think that your customers have forgotten about you. You’re used to having regular customers come in all the time, but what if their tastes have changed throughout the lockdowns? What if their time at home helped them find new businesses to frequent? These fears run through your mind all day, but you can calm them by simply reminding people that you exist. Send out marketing emails, be active on social media, and do everything you can to make some noise. This will ensure that your current customers remember who you are and that you’re opening again soon. Hopefully, it means they turn up when you need them. 

You’ll have to close down again

Yes, the underlying fear that all business owners feel right now; what if this is temporary and you will have to close your doors yet again? It’s already happened a couple of times – you got excited to reopen, made big plans, maybe even invested money, and it all went down the pan within a few weeks. This has led many businesses to consider waiting a week or two before reopening, just to see how things pan out. Alternatively, you can start thinking about ways to make money if you close down again. In most industries, there will be ways for you to keep running your business and earning revenue without needing to open your premises. Figure out how to do this, and the fear of closing won’t exist anymore. 

It’s perfectly normal to be worried about these things – you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t! Still, try to take the positives out of the situation, rather than focusing on the negatives. You can control these fears by taking action, and you should be happy about the thought of opening your business once again.