Understanding Patient Essentials For An Overnight Stay

If you are choosing to host your patients overnight, then you need to make sure you can take the time to adapt and transform your healthcare business so that it can suit the needs of each individual. Fortunately, figuring out how you can stock up on the most essential items  and provide the most necessary services while your patients stay the night inside your premises doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might initially imagine, as there are several simple tips and tricks that you can make the most of so that you can benefit from rave reviews in no time at all. So, if you’re interested in finding out more about how you and your team can adapt and improve your healthcare business to accommodate the addition of overnight patient stays, then simply read on to find out more about how you can get started today! 

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Providing A Comfortable Room 

One of the most essential features of your healthcare business that a new patient will be searching for when staying the night is a comfortable room. Doing nothing but adding a very basic bed into an otherwise empty room is not going to provide your guests with the experience they had been hoping for, as such a space will no doubt feel cold and lifeless to say the very least. You need to channel considerable effort into the presentation of the bedrooms that you offer up for patients who need to stay the night, otherwise they will dread the thought of being away from the creature comforts they have at home. Making your own accommodation a kind of home away from home is certainly the best route to explore, as the more relaxed and happy your patients can feel during their stay, the better reviews and ratings you will receive when your service is completed. Start by choosing the most appropriate color scheme for your specific business type, considering what kind of customers you are aiming to reach out for – if you run a pediatric unit, use bright colors that you know children will enjoy! Next, consider how you plan on furnishing the space to help promote comfort, recovery and healing. You’re going to need some kind of transportable bed that can be moved from one location to another, as well as a wealth of fresh clean sheets to change every single day so that you can maintain the highest hygiene levels. Offer up extra pillows and blankets to those who need them too, as this can make a huge difference when one of your patients is trying to get a good night’s sleep. You should also consider adding some kind of storage that your patients can use for their clothes and any other personal items which they may bring with them, especially if you would like to host longer term stays that span longer than a couple of nights. If you want each of your patients to have a top quality experience that they would certainly return for, then offering up a private en-suite for each individual bedroom can be the perfect way to up the luxury of your new investment. Patients will no doubt feel instant relief when they realize that they do not have to share such a space with other people, so this can be a real selling point that encourages people to seek out expert care from your business rather than another provider. Don’t forget the finishing touches such as artwork on prints on the walls and thick curtains or blinds over windows that can block out the sunlight, as such little details can make a world of difference in the end. If you’re not particularly clued up on interior design and wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of where to begin with such a project then do not fret, as you can easily get in touch with an experienced, qualified professional who can both design and instal your new accommodation providing you with the best result possible. 

Offer A Healthy Menu 

If you’re going to be hosting patients overnight or for a number of days, then you need to offer a healthy menu for them to choose between so that they can have all of the necessary nutrients they need to heal and recover in the fastest possible time frames. Making the mistake of providing a range of very poor quality meals in an attempt to save money is going to be the worst decision that you could ever consider, as your patients will no doubt push the plate away and could even start to suffer health wise as a result! Creating your own kitchen department should be your first priority, as you need a dedicated space in which trained chefs can prepare and cook your patients meals using fresh, balanced ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals rather than being high in fats and sugars. Rather than the usual dry, lifeless pasta and unidentifiable meat source that you have to chow down on in most hospitals or medical centres, why not create something that is tasty and pleasing on the eye? There are so many amazing meals that you can make in large quantities without having to splash the cash, from grilled chicken with caesar salad to fish with rice and green vegetables, so you really don’t need to try and scrimp and save on such an important area of business. If you don’t have the space or means to create your own kitchen department then you need not worry, as there are many different providers who can create your patients meals off site and deliver them straight to your healthcare businesses front door – all you have to do is warm them up, and hey presto! As well as balanced meals, you should also provide healthy snacks. Fresh fruit is something that can always be available for your patients, but added extras like yoghurt, nuts and vegetable sticks with hummus can be stocked up to offer out on request. Your patients will never want to leave if they can recognize just how tasty and high quality your meals and menu really are! 

Always Focus On Offering Standout Care 

The level of care that you provide throughout the night needs to be exactly the same as it would be during the day time, as your patients may be just as at risk through the evening as they are during any other time. Never force your staff into working through the night if they have been working during the day time, as they need to go home and rest rather than trying to look after other people – you need two dedicated teams at your disposal, one being day time employees and the other being night time workers who exclusively work from the evening to early morning. No matter what shift your employees are working, they each need to follow the same basic steps to ensure they can offer you patients a standout experience that they won’t forget any time soon. Each member of staff needs to be able to prove their qualifications and any past experience in the industry so that you do not have to waste time channeling masses of energy into training, so make sure this is the first question that you ask whenever you are interviewing a new team member. Try to understand more about their personality and social skills during the interview stage by asking questions about how they may react to certain situations or scenarios, as you need staff that offer the right balance between total friendliness to confidence and professionalism. The care that your expert team can offer should stretch far further than the procedures themselves, as patients also require after care and general support and advice to help them get back on their feet. Offer each patient their own self care pack that contains shampoo that can cut through oil, conditioners for dry hair and a good quality body wash or soap that can help to minimize the risk of infection, as they can use this self care pack to take a shower and stay clean in their own personal en-suite. Such simple additions can make a world of difference to those who are staying with you for some time, as they can start to feel more at home when they are surrounded by caring people and a range of creature comforts. If you accept high risk patients or perform operations or procedures that carry their own dangers, then it can be a good idea to provide some kind of emergency button or pull switch that a patient can use to alert one of your employees if they need immediate care. Your patients will no doubt recognize your commitment to offering such full coverage care, and will appreciate all of the hard work and energy that you put into making sure they are ok. 

Understanding the most necessary essentials that your healthcare business needs to host patients overnight has never been such a simple task when you can utilize the brilliant tips and ideas detailed above.