Wellness And Wellbeing Habits To Start Today

The world of wellness and wellbeing has really started to take off in recent years. Although mindful practices have been in existence for over 2,500 years thanks to ancient eastern and Buddhist philosophies, it seems that they are only just becoming popular. This means — popular in a sense that more and more people are putting these practices into their daily routines to reap the incredible benefits.  

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Whether or not you are new to the world of mindfulness and wellbeing practices, it is good to know of some of the top habits that can help to reduce stress and anxiety, breaks negative thoughts patterns, and enhance focus.


Yoga and Pilates are forms of movement that can increase both physical and mental health. While they can improve flexibility and enhance muscle tone, they can also help to promote mindfulness and body awareness. 

Done correctly and regularly, both practices can also help to increase energy levels and prevent future injuries too. 

Should you have a busy routine or lack passion for exercise, yoga and Pilates can be a great answer. The practices can fit within any schedule. You don’t require equipment nor gym space. It can be done at home, in the park, or on the beach. 


Journaling is a mindful practice that allows a person to write their thoughts down on paper and tune in to their internal thoughts. It can be a similar relief to meditation yet not involve the same level of stillness or peace. 

Journaling allows people to tune into their own thoughts and process them without judgement. It can help a person become more compassionate. 

Should you find it difficult to start journaling as writing down your honest thoughts is daunting, try writing down three to five things that you are grateful for. Or, write a diary entry/anything that comes to mind. Any form of writing will allow you to empty your thoughts. 

When you have practiced journaling and start to feel comfortable sharing your own feelings and emotions, you may start to notice a huge shift within yourself. 

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Meditation is a practice that helps the mind focus on a particular thing — a thought or object. The purpose of meditation is to train the mind and body to be more attentive and aware. The benefits of meditation is to help a person achieve a calmer and more stabler mental state. 

If you are new to meditation, it can help to start small and try finding a place that feels calm. You could start by doing 3 minutes a day while sat on your bed. Any amount.  Of time and any space that makes you feel comfortable is key. 

Aimless walks

Walking doesn’t always have to be purposeful. 

Sometimes, it can help the mind and body to walk aimlessly. This means walking to a random place with no intent or meaning. It can help you to move your body and free your mind — both of which, can be difficult to do as still when you have had a stressful day. 

Read/consume inspiring content

It can be more beneficial and mindful to read content as opposed to consuming it via videos/images. 

The reason behind this is because we can often get easily distracted when we consume multimedia. When watching video content or looking at photos (on social media or TV), our minds can wander from one thought to the next without really processing them. Hence, reading to consume inspiring content can allow us to keep our minds present and focused, which will help us remain calm. 


Routines are effective in cultivating good habits. They allow a person to create more structure and introduce healthy habits. 

Having routine in your life can help impose positivity and help to reduce stress as you will plan your days according to your lifestyle and commitments. Hence, you can learn to manage your time better and relax more. 

Creating a routine should involve a balance — of commitment and self-love. Make sure to fill your tine with as much personal time (for well-being practices — meditation, journaling, and more) as you do responsibility. 

Making wholesome meals/snacks

Speaking of filling your time with things that make you feel good, another element of your life that you should learn to give more time to is food. 

Even if you lead a busy lifestyle, it is important to nourish your body wit wholesome and healthy foods. It is fine and good to treat yourself. Yet, it will improve your mental and physical health if you fuel you body with the right foods. 

Taking time to make yourself your favourite wholesome and healthy meals/snacks will bring you moments of joy and peace, which are the emotions you want to cultivate when improving your wellness and well-being.

Talk to someone you can confide in

Should you have things on your mind, it is good to let them go and talk through them. Talking to someone you can confide in — a good friend, a therapist, your tutor — can hep you release negativity and also attain support and advice.

Enhancing your well-being also comes from letting things out. Although it is beneficial to have moments with yourself, it is equally as important to find peace and calmness with others. 

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