What Is Dry Brushing And Why You Should Try It

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Dry brushing is not a new phenomenon, although some people might assume it is due to its growing popularity over recent years. Dry brushing is an Ayurvedic medicine. It has been around for centuries, believe it or not. 

You might have seen it on Instagram feeds or you might have seen the strange looking body brushes on the shelves at your look beauty store. Or, you might have never heard of dry brushing at all. 

Either way, you will want to know what it is and why you should try it (hence why you are reading this right now). 

It involves brushing the skin with a coarse and dense brush, made from natural materials, which works to exfoliate the skin. When the brush is smoothed over the body in certain motions, it works to remove dead skin cells from the body and improves the skins ability to move toxins around the body and through the pores. 

While the skin is rejuvenating, so are internal parts of the body. Dry brushing offers more benefits that simply exfoliating the skin. 

How To Use A Dry Brush

First, you will want to know how to use a dry brush correctly. Although it seems self-explanatory, there are certain motions and methods that enhance the benefits. 

  1. Start at the bottom of your body — the feet. 
  2. Brush the skin with the brush using circular motions — as wide as the brush itself. 
  3. Where your skin is thin or sensitive, use the brush lightly. 
  4. When brushing the armpits, brush upwards. Likewise, in other small or sensitive areas, you might want to brush upwards instead of in circular motions. 
  5. After you have brushed the entire body, or the areas you want to reap the benefits, take a cool shower. The cool water will further promote the benefits. 
  6. When you are dry, apply an oil or hydrating product to the skin for hydration.

Dry Brushing Benefits

Removal of toxins and lymphatic drainage

As well as exfoliating the skin, the other main benefit of dry brushing is to remove toxins from the body. When dry brushing, you will stimulate the lymphatic system, which will help enhance the release of bad toxins through the pores.

Hence, you will attain lymphatic drainage benefits. 

Smoothing the skin

Brushing the skin with natural bristles in circular motions may also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, which will create a smoother appearance. 

Although the results can be temporary, they can be attained long-term if you dry brush on a regular basis. 


Finally, some people use dry brushing as a way to relax. While it feels like a massage, it is also a moment that you can take to practice self-love and self-care. 

When you take time to care for your body, you can feel present and calm, which promotes relaxation. 

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