Why Your Business Needs Computers

Imagine trying to run your business, no matter what its size or sector, without at least a laptop to help you. In all but a few very exceptional cases, it simply can’t be done. If there is one piece of equipment that every business needs, it is a computer of some kind. This wasn’t the case just a few years ago; pens and paper were perfectly fine, and everything worked just as it should, but the world has moved on dramatically when it comes to technology, and now these simple methods are no longer going to help you. 

Any business that doesn’t take full advantage of the technology available to them through computing, including apps and cloud computing, but certainly not limited to that, will fall behind their competition and lose customers and business. So as not to be at a serious disadvantage, here are some ways that computers can help you in business. 

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Before computing and IT really took hold, businesses would have had to have kept paper records of everything that they did. This meant shelves of files and filing cabinets full of information that related to customers, orders, suppliers, perhaps even financial information. Not only was this terribly unsecure, and anyone could search through and find the information they were looking for, but it also, from a practical standpoint, took up a lot of space. Plus, it would always take a lot of time to find one particular file, even in a highly organized filing system. 

Computers have taken that issue away, allowing everything to be stored securely and found with just the click of a button. This saves companies time, clearly, but also money because they no longer need large offices and warehouses to keep their files in. 


Now that computers are used so widely in business, business owners are able to do a lot more for themselves, including tasks that would once have had to have been outsourced. Although some of these tasks, such as accounting and web design – and, of course, IT support – may still need this additional expert help, much more work can be done in-house, creating a much healthier bottom line when it comes to looking at profit and loss. This makes productive, efficient, cost-saving businesses whose owners can concentrate on the important aspects of running the company rather than worrying about finding help. 

Computers also mean that the business can be run from anywhere, so even if you choose to have a day at home (or you work from home on a permanent basis), or you want to go on vacation, for example, you can still check in and make sure that everything is running smoothly. 

Get Information 

In order to properly succeed in business, you are going to need lots of information. In the past, this would have meant reading through business papers and magazines or attending workshops and talks. Although these things are still potentially relevant, especially when they are focused on one particular aspect of business, being able to use your computer to quickly search for something and have the answer in seconds has made much of a business owner’s daily life much easier. 

From understanding how to write a business plan to applying for a business loan to finding out what your competition is currently doing, your computer or mobile device, and specifically the internet you can access from it, is going to help you immensely. Having all this knowledge at your fingertips will enable you to build a bigger, better, more successful business. 

Have A Business Website 

Having a website is important for any business; it shows professionalism and dedication and will give people the confidence to use your products and services because they can see you are a real business. This is where you can showcase your products and where you can have a blog that proves how much of an expert you are in your own niche. It is also where customers can find out all about you, and perhaps even engage with you too. This is why it is so important that your website looks great and is functional and why so many business owners choose to have a web designer to help them out when it comes to creating this exciting and absolutely necessary website. Without it, you will easily become lost in the crowd. 

Good For Your Budget 

Apart from the ways that computing can save your business money that we have already mentioned, there are a number of additional ways that it can help you too. When you have a good computer – perhaps one that cost a lot of money, but that will last a long time so will be worth that cost because you won’t have to keep replacing it – you can automate a lot of tasks, saving money on personnel, for example, and ensuring that customer service is kept as a priority. Equally, the computer can be used as a scanner, photocopier, and fax machine, so you won’t have to buy any additional equipment (apart from a printer). This way, you will be able to invest more in marketing, for example, and building up the business to be more successful.


A business that is unable to communicate with its customers, suppliers, and other business partners, won’t be able to function properly. Communication is key in businesses, and the quickest and easiest way to communicate is to use the computing system. This might be via email or video calls, or it could be through social media, live chat tools, web conferencing, testing, or more. There are so many different methods of communication these days that you simply need to find the method you are most comfortable with and use it well and wisely.  


Computers are vital to any and all marketing methods that you want to put into place. Whether you are using social media to promote your business, creating flyers to hand out, networking, or writing a blog, you will use your computer to do all of these things. Marketing is crucial to the success of your business, so understanding how your computers can help you is a must.