10 Instant Mood And Energy Boosters

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Are you ever in need of a quick mood or energy boost?

Whether you’ve received some bad news, made a mistake, had poor sleep, or experienced other things that drain your energy, there’s a way to turn this upside down.

Fresh Air

Scientifically, fresh air helps to boost your energy. When your lungs take in oxygen, your blood goes up. A more regular blood flow is bound to give you a burst of energy.

Getting fresh air can be easy for most of us. Step outside of your flat and take a phone call outside. Step into your garden or outside for a walk.


Speaking of walking, walking is a great way to get out of a rut and boost your mood.

It might sound counter-intuitive to walk when you feel tired, but the fresh air and movement are great for boosting your blood flow. You now know that an increase in blood flow helps with energy, so head out for a walk and watch your mood elevate.

Friends That Are Radiators

The terms radiators and drainers are excellent ways to refer to friendships. It’s sad to admit, but there are drainers out there that leave you feeling depleted after spending time with them. If you find the ones that radiate you and make you feel warm and uplifted, choose to spend time with them or give them a call.

Take A Break

If you are heading toward burnout or find yourself already there, you need to take a break.

Whether you take a longer break from work and make up for it another time or book time off, it will help you reset and regain the energy that you’re lacking.

Buy Yourself A Small Treat

When we gift ourselves, we don’t need to think big. We can find pleasure and gratitude for small things. A bunch of flowers, your favourite snacks, or a cup of coffee are simple pleasures that can give you an instant dopamine hit.

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Phone A Friend

Whether you are feeling lonely or need some advice, an instant mood booster comes from calling a friend.

Choose a close friend or someone you haven’t connected with in ages. You will notice a huge surge in your mood.

Seek Inspiration From A Book

Sometimes, you might need a little boost of inspiration to feel better. You might be struggling with work motivation or need a kick to start a new hobby and seeking inspiration is a brilliant way to deal with that.

Grabbing a motivating book is a great way to boost your mood and productivity. Some favourites include:

Blast The Music

Music can offer an instant uplift for both your mood and energy. Whatever genre you prefer, turn up the volume and have some fun.

Dance around the kitchen, enjoy the noise through your headphones while working, or lie down and relax. Music is a great way to switch off and forget about the mundane.

Find A Podcast

Likewise, a podcast is a great source of inspiration. Listening to comedic or wellness-based podcasts is recommended if you wish to uplift your mood.

Take the podcast on a walk with you or listen while doing other tasks. Either way, the speakers can motivate you and help you adjust your mindset.

Let The Sunshine In

Don’t spend time at home or work without letting the light in. It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or overcast, the natural light helps to boost focus and clarity.

Brighten your space to brighten your life.

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