Changing Your Food Mentality For Better Health

Changing your food mentality for better health is a worthy endeavor. However, it is challenging, and there is more to health than a good diet, and there seems to be a lot more psychological reasoning. From keeping away from fad diets to eating when hungry, here are some ideas.

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Consider Healthy Alternatives

We all have foods we love. But in most cases, these are the foods we shouldn’t really have a lot of. Yet there are almost always healthy alternatives to keeping our food cravings at bay. For example, why not try a turkey sandwich instead of a chicken burger? If you struggle to eat a lot of fruit or vegetables, smoothies and meal replacement shakes are an excellent way to pack in as many nutrients into a single drink as humanly possible, and they usually taste amazing!

Stay Away from Fad Diets

Fad diets are the scourge of the current food scene. Diets such as juicing, keto, and veganism are being proven to be extremely unhealthy time and time again. All of nature’s nutrients, including meat and fish, are naturally eaten by humans, and your body needs what they offer. Depriving your body of something disables its ability to function the way it needs to. Instead, try a healthy diet of a wide range of fruits, vegetables, white and red meat and oily and fatty fish.

The Food Mentality of Nutrition vs. Enjoyment

For many of us, the foods we love are not the best for us. A sweet, juicy burger, an indulgent and cheesy pizza, or the simple decadence of the humble hot dog. These are delicious, no doubt. But they should be eaten every now and then. Finding a good balance between what you enjoy and the nutrition you need is vital for your personal health needs. Being miserable while eating is unhealthy, which is probably why 84% of vegans and vegetarians come back to meat.

Eat When You Need To

You feel hungry for a reason. Because you are. However, don’t be fooled by the grumbling of the tummy. It can also mean you are dehydrated, and some dietary issues can make you feel hungry when you aren’t. You will feel hungry around three to four hours after a main meal. Anything in between can be sated by a snack. But if you feel severely hungry even after eating, book an appointment with your doctor for some tests, as there could be something going on.

Don’t Listen to Food Influencers

Influencers are not experts. Food influencers are not dieticians or doctors. Diet influencers are not you! While they may come across as knowledgeable, influencers are in the game for the money. Most will flog you with the latest fad diet book or the latest trending diet loss pill that is nothing more than a placebo. Mindfully listen to your own body and pay attention to what it tells you. Form a healthy diet around the needs of yourself, even if it means cutting out gluten!


Switching to healthier alternatives of your favorite meals can help change your food mentality for the better. Striking a good balance between the nutrients you need and what you enjoy is critical. And stay off social media and don’t listen to diet influencers who get paid to sell stuff.


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