7 Tips To Create A Spa-Like Bathroom In Your Home

A bathroom should feel like a space where you can fully relax in. After all, it’s the only space that you could lock yourself away in and spend some personal time alone with yourself and your thoughts. 

Whether that’s sitting on the toilet or sitting in the bath scrolling through social media or reading a magazine, making your bathroom into your at-home personal spa sounds like the dream right?

If you’re looking to create a spa-like bathroom in your home, then there are certainly some top tips that will help make this a reality for your space. Here are several tips that will provide your home with a spa-like bathroom this year.

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Declutter the space

Firstly, in order to create the relaxed vibes that you’re after, you’re going to need to declutter the space. Decluttering the space is something that will be therapeutic in itself and is a great way to get rid of any expired lotions and potions that might be currently sitting in your bathroom cupboards.

It’s good to declutter every few months, especially if you’re someone who is into skincare and body products. 

With decluttering, you get rid of all the mess and that feeling of it being cluttered and cramped. Even in big spaces, if you have stuff lying everywhere, it’s likely to stress you out and that’s not the vibe you’re going for with a spa-like bathroom.  

Install a stand-alone bathtub

Next up, is the bathtub. If you’re a big fan of bathtime, then you’re going to love transforming your bathroom with a stand-alone bathtub. There’s something so elegant and luxurious about a stand-alone bathtub and they’re not too expensive to get installed into the space.

If you can get away without needing a shower then it makes it easier to fit a bathtub this size, into the space a lot easier. However, you may want to have the option and the best of both worlds with both the shower and bathtub combo. 

There are lots of styles of stand-alone bathtubs now, so make sure you’re looking at all your options before you decide on which one is best for you and your needs. Of course, you want to make sure it’s easy enough to get in and out of.

Invest in plush soft furnishings

If your towels have seen better days and they were bought when you could only afford budget options, you may want to invest in some more flush soft furnishings. After all, the bathroom space is a place that you use on a daily or twice-daily basis, meaning the soft furnishings you have in there and that you use on your body, should be soft to the touch.

Not only are towels a great shout, but you should also get yourself a new bathrobe and bath slippers. This really helps to transport you to that spa location that you so desperately want to be in 24/7, right?

You may want to create some extra space in the bathroom to store your towels stylishly and remember to get some new bath mats too. These can often get a little worn and tired over time.

Install a rainfall showerhead

A rainfall showerhead is a must when creating a spa-like experience. There’s nothing better than having a shower that completely covers you in water. No more limbs sticking out from the cold when you’ve got the showerhead right above in the center of your head. 

Of course, it may seem like a luxury to have but there are a lot more affordable and budget-friendly rainfall showerheads available nowadays. There are even some combination showerheads where you can have both the rainfall shower and a second option that makes it easier to shower with soaps and suds.

With this type of showerhead, you’re going to love stepping into the shower every morning despite what time of year it is. It’ll also make the perfect shower for winding down after a long day at work. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration then there is an assortment of bathroom furniture available online to explore.

Bring in the right colours for relaxation

Spas are relaxing because they use the right type of colours, temperatures, lighting, and sound to create the ambiance. This is something to consider when you’re creating your own at-home spa as colours in particular are very helpful for creating that relaxed vibe. 

Think about the different colours that you could incorporate into the space in order to bring that sense of calm to you. For example, blue and green are two colours that are often considered to be calming.

You may want to keep everything fairly neutral with stone and beige coloured tiling and floors. 

Indulge in some bathtime essentials

There are some bathtime essentials that you need to help provide a bathroom that feels like you’re walking into a spa massage room. From bath oils to decadent candles, these are the small things that make a big difference to the space in general.

Find some of the best and most luxurious smellies to feature around the bathroom. Some may be for display only, while others you can indulge in every time you treat yourself to an extra-long bath or shower.

Make sure to shop regularly for these treats, especially if you enjoy regular baths.

Implement some bathroom storage

Bathroom storage is a must, especially when it comes to the clutter mentioned above. If you haven’t already got bathroom storage, then make the investment today. It’ll make all the difference when it comes to storing away all your magic creams. It also helps keep everything organised and in a room like this one, you want everything to be in its place.

There are lots of different storage types available so take a look online at what’s available.

If you’re wanting to create a spa experience in your home, then it’s more than possible. Use these tips to help transform your space into a relaxation room for all of the family to enjoy. 


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