Keeping Calm And Carrying On: Remembering Your British Roots In The USA

There’s always something thrilling about living in a new land, especially when it’s as vast and diverse as the USA. But, as one skips across the pond, it’s worth remembering that while the accent may soften, and the love for baseball may creep in, the essence of being British never truly leaves.

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A Spot of Tea in Starbucks City

In the land where coffee is king, finding a decent cuppa can feel like a quest for the Holy Grail. But, lo and behold, tea is slowly making a comeback. Remember, a true Brit never underestimates the power of a good brew – it’s our secret weapon for everything from a rainy day to the end of the world!

Royal Salute in the Land of Freedom

The sheer mention of the monarchy might bemuse your American friends. Yet, as a Brit in the USA, there’s a certain pride in explaining the eccentricities of the royal family. Remember, don’t let a few puzzled looks deter you from sharing tales about your heritage.

The Great British Humor

Their sitcoms may have laugh tracks, but that doesn’t mean you should surrender your dry wit. After all, British humor, with its subtle sarcasm and self-deprecation, is a national treasure. So, go on then, and share a chuckle.

The Brit in the Hat

Living in the USA, there’s no need to chase away the Britishness in you. It’s alright to take off your hat to Uncle Sam, but remember to keep your bowler hat close. It’s this blend of British roots and American experiences that makes your journey unique.

From Rugby to Football

On the other side of the pond, ‘football’ takes on a whole different meaning. But, that doesn’t mean shrugging off the thrill of a good rugby match. You may find yourself explaining the difference between a scrum and a touchdown, but that’s part of the joy of sharing your roots.

UK Passport Renewal: A Tale of Identity

When living in the USA, renewing your UK passport can feel like an episode out of a spy thriller. While you might think it’s simply about keeping a valid ID, it’s actually about much more. It’s about preserving a key part of your identity, a tangible link to the place of your birth, and a ticket back to your roots. Remember, everything from the embossed royal coat of arms to the unforgettable musty smell of a new passport is a reminder of the king’s land. It’s like a slice of Britain you can keep in your pocket! So, navigate the bureaucratic mazes, fill the countless forms with a sense of humor and remember that this is not dreary paperwork, it’s an affirmation of your British identity in a foreign land. The UK passport renewal process can now be done online.

In conclusion, being a British expat in the USA can be a jolly good adventure. You might find yourself complaining about missing Marmite, or explaining the rules of Cricket to your American friends. But, in doing all this, you are simply embodying the essence of being a Brit abroad – maintaining that quintessentially British charm, while embracing the American way of life. After all, we did invent ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, didn’t we?


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