Hacks for Your Home Office

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When you decide to start a business and you start to run it from home, you don’t need an office when you get going. In fact most people who start out on business do it from my laptop on their lap in front of the TV. It’s an old stereotype, running a business out of the garage, but anybody who does work from home knows that while it’s quite comfortable to sit on the couch it’s not always the best thing to do if you want to stay productive. 

You might think that a small cubicle space is enough for you but running a business from home requires some self-motivation, and an office to keep you going. While you don’t need a giant space with a huge piece of machinery for photocopying and binding (after all, what are toner cartridges?) you might consider the equipment that you need in an office to make it feel more like a workspace and not just your house. With a few hacks you can spruce up an office space and make your day-to-day grind a lot easier.


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