The Art of Befriending The Gym

Welcome back to the iron jungle! If your sneakers have become dusty and your gym bag reeks like antiquity, today we will explore the exhilarating yet daunting journey of returning to a gym after an absence. 

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Remember, Rome wasn’t Built in a Day

Returning to an intensive gym routine may feel as appealing as taking a cold shower in winter – and that’s okay! Fitness isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Just like Rome was constructed over time, so can your fitness journey. Start small and gradually increase intensity as time progresses – remember every rep and drop of sweat brings you one step closer towards reaching your fitness goal. So put on those dusty sneakers, grab that vintage gym bag and step back into iron jungle – your fitness empire awaits its rebirth!

Fear of the Unknown and Familiar

Entering a gym after an absence can feel like entering an unknown jungle – you may feel like an adventurer searching through treadmill trails and dumbbell shrubs. At first glance, the “familiar” parts may look foreign to you. Have your machines transformed into intimidating beasts while you were gone? Now they seem more like medieval torture devices than you remember them to be. As part of any new journey, it can be disorienting to find familiar sights unfamiliar and the unknown frightening. Acknowledging and confronting your fears are both key steps. Who knows? You might just reunite with old acquaintances from “beast mode“, or discover an entirely new path through “jungle mode.” Embark on an expedition. Enjoy it.

Celebrating Progress, No Matter How Small

In your fitness journey, progress can sometimes feel like the work of a chameleon in a tropical rainforest. Some days may leave you feeling strong and unstoppable while on other days it could seem slow and ungainly. So it is important to celebrate every bit of progress made no matter how small. Here’s the secret: progress doesn’t always equal weight loss and muscle gains. Sometimes it means managing to do one more push-up today or running an extra minute longer, or simply showing up at the gym on time – progress is all about setting personal records, not world ones! Start celebrating your small victories: getting off the couch and hitting the gym? Celebrated. Opted for salad over fast food? Celebrated. These seemingly minor successes form the cornerstones of fitness journey; even small steps forward count as progress. So celebrate any small advancement you make along your fitness path – every fitness empire begins from one rep!

The Reality of Workout Pain

Once you reconnect with the gym, workout pain will almost inevitably follow you around like an unwanted guest. From sore muscles and stiff joints, to digestive discomfort and inflammation – workout pain makes its presence known in ways both subtle and obvious. Before giving in to discouragement, remember that your body is adapting to new demands you are placing upon it and not an indication of weakness. How should you address this discomfort? First, distinguish between good pain (from hard training sessions) and bad pain (an injury). If a certain exercise causes sudden, intense pain, stop immediately and seek professional advice before continuing. When experiencing good pain after exercises, embrace it as an indication of progress! Use heat or cold packs to ease stiffness or reduce swelling as well as stretching or foam rolling as appropriate in your routine to manage stiffness or soreness; incorporate stretching or foam rolling as part of the routine. Also consider topical CBD gels to relieve workout pain if necessary. Always remember, workout pain is temporary whereas quitting lasts forever, so persevere and grind your teeth through any discomfort to achieve victory!

Conclusion: Enjoy the Journey

Stepping back into the gym after an extended absence may feel like an impossible challenge, but any successful comeback begins with taking that first step towards it. Keep your chin up, your squats low, and spirits high when heading back into action at your local gym. Embrace every step along your journey and focus on becoming better every day! Now is the time to dust off those sneakers and show everyone you are back, ready for action!


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