How To Create Ambience In Any Room

When you think of what makes up the look and feel of a room, then obviously, your choice of visual fixtures as furniture is going to make a big difference. However, the impact of some changes can be a lot more subtle. If you’re trying to create a certain ambience to a space, whether it’s inviting, relaxing, or otherwise subtly changing the vibe of a space, then you need to know what can help you do it, as well. Here, we’re going to look at some of the best ways you can adjust the ambience of a given space.

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It’s not just about the various elements, fixtures, and furniture that you choose, of course, it’s about how much space you put between them as well. Some may be more inclined to gather up a lot of decorative pieces of the same kind of feeling and bring them closer together to create a cosy feeling for the space, or you might opt more for a minimalist style, allowing things to stay spaced out and creating a lot of room for emptiness, which can bring about a peaceful, serene feeling as well. Manipulating the space allows you to create powerful focal points, as well, which allows the eye to be naturally drawn to the highlights of the room.


A room that is decorated the exact same way can change its feeling drastically as a result of what lighting you have in there. Good quality lighting that is used intentionally can totally change the look of a space, as well as how it feels. For instance, a lot of people will work hard to allow in a lot more natural light to give a feeling of a sense of space and natural calmness. But you can go precisely the opposite direction, too, using additions like LED strip lights to change the palette of the space or to deepen the colour scheme that you’re already leaning into. Think about how you can layer different types of lights, be they main lights, ambient, or task, to really change how that space feels.


When you have a good idea of how the lighting in the room is going to change its general atmosphere and colour temperature, then it’s a good idea to start looking a little more closely at the colour scheme that you have built as well. It’s not just the primary colours that decide the feeling they give off. A deep, rich red can have a luxuriant, rich feeling to it, while a brighter and bolder one will feel more energetic, bright, and engaging. Think about creating a colour palette that suits the mood of the room, bearing in mind how the lighting you choose is going to manipulate that colour to create a deeper, more complex effect.


Mirrors can be very useful features in both a practical and an ambient sense. For one, they can play a big role in reflecting the lighting you choose for your room, whether it’s helping you make the most out of natural lighting, or to enhance the effect of coloured ambient lighting. They can also help a space feel a little bigger and more spacious, which can be useful for those cosy, tightly designed spots. Of course, the mirrors themselves can bring a lot of ambience by being one of the primary decorative fixtures on your walls, whether you opt for something plain and contemporary, or a little more old-fashioned and heavy on the style.


If you’re trying to create a feeling that goes beyond visuals alone, then you should be willing to make changes beyond the visuals alone, as well. Choosing the right scent for your home can make a huge impact, whether you choose to do it using potpourri, diffusers, scented candles, wax melts, or something else entirely. You can also take an aromatherapy approach to how you make the house smell whether you want to use scents that make it feel more relaxed and welcoming, or more energetic and fun. The sense of smell is one of the senses most closely connected to the memory and emotional centres of the brain, meaning it can have a profound impact on how we feel within a space.

The more detail you’re willing to think in when it comes to adapting your space to your needs, the more deft your control over its feel will be. The tips above are just the start, but hopefully, it will get you thinking in the right direction.


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