Tips For Better Fertility Health

It is something that many of us take for granted – that when we decide we are ready to have children, it will be easy. Unfortunately, it takes longer for some people to conceive naturally, and the wait can feel overwhelming. 

However, doing things to keep your mind and body healthy and happy can make a huge difference in how you feel. 

In some cases, mindfully treating your body well can help with the (sometimes long) wait to learn more about your different options, like the IVF process, fostering, or adoption. Actively taking care of yourself can help you feel your best, no matter how long things might be taking. 

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Worry and stress can cause you to stay awake, increasing your cortisol levels. Stress is known to interfere with the chances of women becoming pregnant because it reduces estradiol, which may impact the granulosa cell function

All of that is to say, being as relaxed as you can, even through this trying time, is to your benefit. One of the keys to staying relaxed is sleep. Not only that, but pregnancy can be hard on the body – and you’ll need all the rest you can get! 

Eat Healthy

Keeping in mind that your baby will be growing in your body, you should be stocked up on all of the best nutrition possible. It also helps you feel healthier too. When we make sure our body has everything that it needs, it functions better. 

Anything that could be classed as lean protein is great, so things like vegetables, chicken, salmon, and fruit are ideal! A few eggs are helpful, too. 


If you find that you drink enough coffee to jitter your way around work, it is time to rethink your routine a little. Caffeine in high doses isn’t baby-friendly. While you are pregnant, you’ll be recommended not to have more than 200mg a day, and it is a good habit to get into long before you become pregnant. That is roughly two cups of coffee and maybe a small piece of chocolate. 


Moderate exercise is ideal for either maintaining a healthy weight or reaching your weight goals, as well as significantly reducing your stress levels. It is a good idea to keep in mind that for most of your pregnancy, you should have some sort of fitness routine because childbirth is a marathon. Then, when the baby is here, you are going to need to have some energy to go-go for a little while. 


Alongside having a good diet, adding a supplement can top up all your recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals. Some are designed specifically for people who are trying to get pregnant and have a bumper amount of important things like folic acid. 

You can talk to your doctor and get some recommendations for the best one for your situation – and it can be worthwhile asking for a deficit test to see if there are any areas where you need to have an increased dose. 

Along with these tips, many people also try out natural healing and supportive treatments: Top 4 Natural Healing Methods


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