Best Places For Walking Holidays In The UK

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If you are someone who loves to travel and loves walking, then you are probably keen to combine the two. As it happens, that is easy enough to do, and there are so many holidays that you are able to take which will enable you to go walking as much as you like. In this post, we are going to help you plan such a trip by looking at some of the very best places to go in the UK for a walking holiday. Let’s take a look at which spots you might like to consider here.


If you really want a good amble, then why not go somewhere where it is literally in the name? As well as that, the Northumberland town of Amble really is a great place to go walking, and an extremely beautiful location to boot. It has a lot of the rugged appearances that you would expect of such a place, and there is a good selection of hotels in Amble which you can be sure to have a good stay at too, making the whole experience considerably nicer. It’s certainly somewhere to consider at least.


This Norfolk town is well-known for being a walking holiday hotspot, and with good reason. It includes the Norfolk Coast Path, which truly links several of the country’s best beaches together in one trail, so you can be sure to enjoy that a lot if you are really keen on a walking holiday. There is also a lot of history to see, including the oldest human footprints found outside Africa. So Cromer is well worth a visit if you want to literally walk in your ancestors’ footsteps.


Or you could pop over to the other side of England and to Herefordshire for your walking holiday. The much-loved and well-known town of Kington is certainly on the map these days, and it is a great place to visit in any case. But it is also an extremely good spot for some walking, and that is of course what we are hoping to do here. Kington can be considered both an English and Welsh town too, and it’s got some of the best natural sights in both countries for you to see all in one spot.


This Wiltshire town is an old canal town, and its retains a lively community of boaters which gives it something of an interesting edge. It is also incredibly stunning and truly beautiful, and has so many places to walk that you are going to be spoilt for choice. Nearby you have a lot of beautiful natural areas and the town itself is small enough to be easily walkable too. All in all, this could be a wonderful way to spend your next holiday trip, so it is certainly one you might want to consider.


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