Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid As A Freelancer

Freelancing is a highly rewarding career path. Not only is there a multitude of avenues to follow from writing and marketing to art and design, but it also offers immense freedom.

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It seems more people are choosing the freelance route as many desire to delve into a career that suits their passion and experience while offering a flexible schedule. It is a great choice, especially if you know what mistakes to avoid.

Don’t worry too much, as everyone makes mistakes. When you make them in the freelancing world, you soon learn from them. You can use them to improve and grow into a more secure self-employed individual. Yet, when you are aware of them before delving into the role, it is easier to dodge them.

Undervaluing or Under Pricing

Knowing what to charge clients can be challenging. If you are new to the industry and don’t know the typical rate or don’t know anyone to ask, it can be one of the hardest decisions to make.

Your rate will depend on various things from industry to your personal experience and skills.

If you overprice your services, you might lack interest. If you under price, the same can happen or you might be taken advantage of. Pricing is something that will be trial and error. With plenty of research, you should be able to distinguish the right prices to use.


Also, never undervalue yourself. In fact, oversell yourself (to a point). Shout about your skills, successes, and capabilities. When you believe in yourself and showcase what you can achieve for clients, it is bound to impress them.

Lack of Time Management

When you choose the freelance route, you will essentially become your own boss. If you lack time management, you won’t be as efficient as you need to be to see your desired level of success.

You must hold yourself accountable and use your time wisely. It can help to write a weekly schedule, plan your days, and write lists. When you are more organised, you will manage to get more done and achieve more.

If you need help with time management, you can find useful digital planners and lists here.


digital planners


Not Using Contracts

You wouldn’t willing start an employed position without a contract in place, would you? Hence, never risk working with a client without a contract.

Not only could your work be uncredited and unpaid for, but you can be taken advantage of in other ways. Be safe and always send and sign contracts before working with clients. It’s for your own safety and well-being.

Avoiding Self-Promotion

Marketing is one of the best tools to help brands and businesses attract new customers. Whether a large corporation, small business, or freelancer chooses to use promotional tactics, it will pay off.

More customers and clients will come your way when you use self-promotion. You can use various platforms including Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and more to showcase your services and attract more people.


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