6 Energising Morning Routine Habits

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Everyone has their own morning routine. Even if you think you don’t have one, you do. Everyone has specific things they do each morning to prepare for the day, from drinking a coffee before you head out of the door to showering and brushing your teeth. Performing these simple energising or hygenic tasks is essentially, a routine.

However, if you lack a routine that makes you feel energised for the day or do not spend the morning in the best way, you’ve come to the right place.

Use this guide as a tool to help improve the beginning of each day. Here, you will find 6 simple ways to begin your day to promote good energy, calmness, and happiness.

1. Sunlight

Many of you might be aware that we all have a body clock. When we sleep too late or allow ourselves to lie in, our body clock becomes used to the imbalance of sleep, which can cause us to feel tired. Whereas if we have a regular sleeping routine and regulate our body clock (science calls it our circadian rhythm), we can feel more energised and focused.

Therefore, trying to wake up at sunrise or at least getting out for some morning rays can help us to regulate our circadian rhythm and, therefore, make us feel less tired.

Even if it isn’t sunny outside, the rays still work to energise us and give us the same benefits. You might need to spend a little longer than usual when it isn’t bright and sunny to attain the same results.

Getting sunlight first thing in the morning also stimulates collagen, increases bone healing and heals wounds. So, the next time you want to lie in, think twice. Stepping outside into the garden with your morning cup of coffee can make you more energised throughout the day.

2. Water

Drinking plenty of water is useful for many reasons. Not only does it enhance our health and help us avoid dehydration, it is effective for boosting energy.

A glass of water rehydrates our bodies when we wake up. It helps to curb hunger, flush out toxins, and kickstart your metabolism, which all help to boost our energy.

3. Stretch

A good morning stretch is something most of us will have tried but might not have been consistent with. Stretching first thing in the morning, when you are fresh out of bed, will help you wake up, improve joint mobility, and reduce stress.

You could perform stretching exercises at the side of your bed, head to a stretch class, or simply go for an energising walk.

4. Fresh air

Speaking of going for a walk, getting some fresh air first thing in the morning will guarantee to give you energy.

Breathing in fresh air boosts our mental clarity and focus, which can prevent stress and help to calm your mind. Getting out for 10-15 minutes before doing anything else is a great energising way to begin your day.

You should never have the excuse that you do not have time. Prioritising our health is key. Simplg setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier can be what it takes to help you get fresh air each day, even if it walking around the garden.

5. Mindfulness

Meditation is a natural healing method that promotes well-being and self-love. If we begin our day in a positive and mindful way, we can practice this throughout our day. Mindfulness allows the mind to stay calm and present, which can help us maintain focus and energy.

Some mindful practices to consider adding to your morning routine include:

  • Reading
  • Walking
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Journalling

6. Fuel

Lastly, our morning fuel is essential if we want to boost and maintain our energy throughout the day. Lacking fuel in the morning could result in a mid-morning slump. If you are not a keen eater in the morning, having a smoothie or a small piece of fruit is enough to fill your stomach and kickstart your metabolism.

Eating breakfast will regulate your appetite and help you enhance your focus throughout the day, until your next meal. Ensuring to eat enough throughout the day will help you keep up your energy and prevent fatigue.


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