Finding Things To Be Grateful For

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Many of us live life feeling grateful for the bigger and more obvious things that come our way. Whether that be a holiday or a bonus at work, we all know how great it feels to feel grateful when good things come our way. If we live life focusing on the bigger picture and the more significant things, we might get lost and forget to be grateful for the smaller and less obvious things that come our way.

Finding gratitude and thanks for the smaller things in life is a beautiful gift. Feeling grateful for the small things will enable you to carry the feeling of gratitude with you every day.

If you struggle to understand how to find gratitude in the small things, here is where to begin.

You can feel grateful for everything and anything. The size and purpose of the thing, thought, or experience doesn’t need to determine how grateful you can feel. You can find thanks in something as simple as your morning coffee, the spritz of lavender you spray on your pillow before you get in bed, or a small conversation with the bakery shop owner.

Finding gratefulness and gratitude in the small things in life can allow us to make each day a gift.

Here are some things to think about during your day to practice gratefulness:

Sometimes, it is the smallest things that take up the most room in your heart.


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