7 Best Blood Sugar Balancing Snacks

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A spike in your blood sugar is not good for your health. Eating sugary snacks is a key cause of blood sugar spikes, which has short-term effects (jitteriness and fatigue) and long-term effects (heart issues and diabetes).

When choosing our snacks, it is best to choose them wisely. Whole foods are the best options. If you like something naturally sweet, like an apple, you can reduce the spike in your blood sugar by pairing it with almond butter.

If you feel clueless as to what snacks to enjoy while maintaining balanced blood sugar, here are some ideas.

Apple slices with almond butter

Apples are a great, sweet, and juicy treat to eat during the day. Yet, the sugars can cause a blood sugar spike. Pairing it with almond butter, which is full of healthy fats, will reduce the spike.

Berries with Greek yoghurt

Another healthy sweet treat many of us like to enjoy mid-morning or afternoon are berries. Pairing them with Greek yoghurt will lower the spike yet still offer sweetness. Full-fat is best, as it often doesn’t consist of any added sugars.

Hard boiled eggs with avocado

Combining protein and healthy fats is a great way to fuel your mind and body throughout the day. A hard boiled egg (or two) paired with avocado is a great source of fat, protein, and fibre without spiking your blood sugar levels.

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Mixed nuts

Most nuts are great at balancing blood sugar levels. Opt for walnuts, almonds, pistachios, or hazelnuts for the ultimate fibre and fuel boost.

Chia seed pudding

Also known as a great breakfast option, chia seed pudding is a great snack to stabilise blood sugar. Combine the chia seeds with unsweetened milk (almond or dairy) and allow them to soak overnight. Add a dollop of almond butter, mixed nuts, and/or Greek yoghurt for extra fat and protein content.

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Wholegrain crackers with cheese

If you like a savoury snack, wholegrain crackers with cheese are a great option. A combination of fibre and healthy fats is ideal to boost your energy and maintain your blood sugars.

Turkey or chicken slices with cucumber

When you fancy something meaty, turkey or chicken slices are a perfect choice. Pair them with cucumber for a refreshing zing.


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