You Need To Start Embracing Being A Homebody

Spending time at home, living life in slow motion, and being surrounded by your own comforts might be the life you might prefer. If so, embrace it. Being a homebody is beautiful and peaceful.

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If you love spending your spare time at home, being amongst their warm comforts, and not going outside, you might consider yourself a homebody.

Living in a fast-paced and chaotic world might encourage you to feel the need to spend more time at home, as home is a place where you can unwind and relax. There is no need to be in fast-forward mode 24/7 when you can soak up the benefits of being a homebody and approaching life more slowly.

A homebody can:

Live in the present moment

Being present is one of life’s toughest challenges. The loud, chaotic, and uncontrollable world outside encourages us to ride the wave of hustle and bustle. Meanwhile, being at home can allow you to quieten the noise, be more mindful, and take each moment as it comes.

Rest is productive, so be sure to spend time resting and ticking off your to-do list. You can gain more well-being rewards when you take time to rest and reset.

Be more grateful for life’s small pleasures

Looking for small pleasures and glimmers throughout your day can be easy when you spend time in your comfort. Whether that be while spending time in the garden or having people over for a meal, those precious moments at home are small yet special.

You might also start noticing things you don’t notice when you are in go, go, go mode. The smell of your morning coffee or bird footsteps on the window ledge are beautiful moments, yet we miss them when we aren’t present.

Calm the nervous system

A calm nervous system can lower stress. When you rush around and avoid rest breaks, your nervous system is in fight mode. It is ready to take on chaos, but this energy puts it (and you) on the brink of burnout.

Spending time at home, or wherever makes you feel calm, will calm the nervous system and improve your well-being.

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Being and embracing the homebody lifestyle doesn’t make you lazy. You can still be present, calm, and grateful while being productive. It simply means not feeling guilty for spending time at home as it brings you peace and joy.

Those who struggle to find a moment of calm and feel well-rested, try spending more time at home and see what a difference it makes.


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