Rest Is Productive: How To Get More Rest And Understand This Truth

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It’s impossible to power through until the end of time without rest. Rest and relaxation promote productivity and allow us to maintain good health.

If you don’t schedule or make time for rest, it is likely that you will experience burnout and crash before you meet your goals and deadlines.

Working endlessly might sound like the right thing to do if you’ve got responsibilities, but you can hardly be responsible without getting some much needed and well deserved R&R.

First, let’s dive into how to get more rest.

Stop Feeling Guilty

If you feel guilty for taking rest periods, this guilt needs to stop. We all deserve and should make time for relaxation. Your mind and body require rest in order to reset and stay focused.

If you find it challenging taking a full day to rest, take a few hours or even 10 minutes. Pushing yourself to the limit is only going to cause a lack of productivity and clarity.

Schedule Time To Rest

Do you often forget to make time to rest? If you are nodding your head, it can help to schedule time to rest. That’s right, writing down or setting reminders to take a break will be necessary. Having it in your schedule will hold you accountable and make sure you prioritise your health and well-being.

Rest is an energy booster. You will feel better for it, so it will always help with boosting productivity.

Write To-Do Lists

Speaking of scheduling, having to-do lists is an excellent method if you want to stay on track and balance your work and relaxation hours. With a to-do list by your side, you can work through your tasks (whilst also setting a reminder to rest) and make sure to switch off in good time. You can hold yourself accountable to have a balance between working and resting.

It is likely that you will be more productive with a list. You will stay on top of what you need to do and not feel bad for forgetting a task when you sit down to rest.

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Here are some gentle reminders and motivational quotes to help you understand and practice the art of rest being productive.

Rest is productive.

Rest isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Rest enhances healing, rest renews strength, and rest encourages growth.

If you wish to experience serious growth, respect your need to rest.

You can’t park a car that is going 70MPH. Your mind and body work the same. Wind down and relax.

Rest is self-love.

Some days we rise and other days we rest.

Rest today so you can shine tomorrow.

Save these wallpapers and use them across your devices to hold yourself accountable in getting more rest. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it.

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