Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Forget

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Weekends are good times to unwind and spend more time with family and friends, but do not forget to schedule some house maintenance duties. Doing so will protect your systems and appliances, saving you lots of money. It’s no news that homeowners spend $6000 on average on home maintenance and repairs. You do not want that to happen in your case. Below are some necessary maintenance tasks you shouldn’t neglect. 

  1. Guttering and roofing 

Before the first winter storm, use binoculars to survey your roof from the ground. You should also repeat this task in the early spring, before significant rains begin. Examine the shingles for cracks, splits, or movements, as well as misplaced flashing. Choked gutters can cause water damage to your home’s eaves. Examine gutters that you can securely access and clean out leaves and debris. But, make sure to hire a skilled professional to clean the gutters on the second story, as they can navigate their way and prevent injuries. Investing in gutter screen protectors will prevent leaves from piling up in the first place, so feel free to invest in them. However, If your plastic guttering is broken and needs replacement, visit sites like clearambershop.com to get new ones for your renovation. 

  1. Doors and windows

With degraded caulk and seals around the edges, air and water can enter via windows and doors. Inspect the caulk around the windows on a regular basis, both inside and out. Scrape out any broken or gapping caulk with a putty knife and replace it with a new line. Examine the seals around the edges of the outside door frames, as well on the bottom margins. Twisted seals should be replaced immediately.

  1. Faucet handles 

Mineral scale accumulates in faucets over time and hinders water flow, so cleaning it is a necessary home maintenance activity. To eliminate buildup from faucet heads, remove the screens and soak them in a bowl of white vinegar for an hour. Replace immediately after rinsing. Wrap a moistened cloth on the spray holes of the showerheads, then drape a bigger fabric over the showerhead and knot it firmly and tightly enough to keep the vinegar cloth in place. Leave for sixty minutes, then remove and briefly run the shower to flush. However, don’t leave the vinegar on the metallic coating of your faucets and showerheads for a long period. This is because vinegar can dull the shine of metals, so keep this in mind.

  1. Washing machine and dryer 

Leave the door to your washer open between loads to allow the tub to dry. Some people recommend pouring a cup of vinegar through the laundry now and then to deodorise and prevent mold. However, if used too regularly, vinegar can cause rubber seals and hoses to fail, resulting in leaks. It is preferable to use cleansers created specifically for this purpose, which are accessible at the supermarket. You may already aware that you should clear the dryer’s lint trap after each load. However, you should also clean the exhaust hose and reach into the wall conduit on a regular basis to remove lint buildup. At least once a year, inspect the cover of the vent on the outer wall of the home. 


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