Staple Items Every Winter Wardrobe Needs

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It’s time to say goodbye to autumnal outfits and unleash your winter wardrobe. But just what types of clothing items should you be wearing this winter? Below are just some of the staple items that every woman can benefit from having in their winter wardrobe. 

A trench coat

Trench coats are timeless and versatile. They’ll keep you warm on a cold day while keeping you looking classy. A trench coat can be great for covering up a dress on a night out, wearing to work or even just putting over casual clothes. Stick to a neutral colored trench coat – camel and beige are the most classic colors, but gray and black are fantastic too.

A puffer jacket

Puffer jackets are great items for adding warmth when you want to maintain a more casual look. A puffer jacket in a neutral color can go without just about anything. There are many different styles to consider including puffer jackets with fur hoods and more slim-fitting jackets. Check out this guide to some of the top women’s puffer jackets.

A cozy sweater

Winter is sweater season. There are so many different styles of sweater from baggy sweater dresses to tight-fitting turtlenecks. This chic range of Aran wool sweaters showcases a few versatile options that can be worn at all kinds of occasions. In fact, the right type of sweater can be worn with just about anything – you could wear it over a collared shirt, put it under a trench coat or even wear it with a skirt and tights. 

Thermal leggings

You don’t have to give up the leggings in winter. There are many thermal leggings that are great for keeping your legs warm while exercising or for simply lounging around in. Black leggings are a good choice as they can pair with almost any outfit. 

Black boots

Another winter staple worth owning is a pair of black ankle boots. Boots are practical for the rain and snow. The right pair will also offer a timeless stylishness – plus you can pair them with pretty much anything. While boots come in all kinds of colors and textures, black faux-leather boots will match just about any outfit and are the safest choice. 

A warm hat

Don’t forget to keep your head and ears warm! The most versatile winter hat is probably a black beanie. However, if you want to make a statement, you can explore all kinds of other hat options including knitted bucket hats, trapper hats, cashmere fedoras and flat caps. 

A wintry party dress

There are often a few parties during the xmas period, so it’s worth having a winter party dress or two in your wardrobe. The best winter dresses are able to provide a degree of warmth while still looking glamorous and sexy. Consider satin and velvet long sleeved dresses in wintry colors like blue, dark green, silver or plum. As always, black is incredibly versatile, and can be given a more festive feel with sparkly sequins. You can scroll through a few winter dress ideas here


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