Dealing With Wedding Stress

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If you feel as though you are dealing with a lot of stress around your wedding then you will know what a toll this can take on your mental health. If you want to take a positive step then you need to first reduce the stress you are under. If you don’t know how to do this, or if you need a bit of help then all you have to do is look below.

Anticipate Anxiety
One thing you can do on your wedding day is anticipate the moments when you suspect you will have the most anxiety. When you have done this, you can then skip it entirely or you can find ways to make it more manageable. Whether you are dealing with a room full of people or whether you are having your first dance, it’s safe to say that nerves are natural. With that in mind, if you believe that there are moments that are going to ruin your day then you need to eliminate them. If you can do this then you will be able to feel the stress of your special day, melt away.

Be Decisive

Being decisive when planning a wedding is so important. It’s even more important if you struggle with a lot of anxiety. You should always try and compare options and you also need to make considered decisions. When it comes to invitation wording, flowers, menu choices and more, you may find that you end up going around in circles and this can leave you feeling incredibly stressed out.

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

This is easier said than done, but you have to try and avoid comparing your wedding to anyone else’s. Whether it is someone from your college days or whether it is a family member. You need to remember that this is a truly pointless exercise. Don’t let anyone else do this either. If you find someone complaining about the canapes saying that someone else did it better then make sure that you tune it out.

Set a Wide Contingency

One of the biggest sources of stress when it comes to marriage is money. It’s important to remember that the only thing you need to have is the registration fee. Knowing this can be somewhat freeing. You can then make sure that you do not go over budget and you can also make sure that you have a realistic idea of what you can afford. Little things like this can make a major difference to how successful your day is.

Take Time Away

It’s so important that you take time away from planning. Self-care might be trendy right now, but it’s for a very good reason. Whether you are having regular date nights or whether you are taking a long bath with your favorite podcast on, you have to make sure that you put yourself first. Put your wedding to the back of your mind from time to time so you can look after yourself. This is a great way to keep yourself grounded.


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